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Dance with us. Dance with purpose.
Dance with The Studio by EDE.



Ellensburg Dance Ensemble is Central Washington’s premiere dance company. We foster excellence in all forms of dance and instill in our dancers the enthusiasm and desire to share their passion with the local community. Dancers in the ensemble learn and perform works by hired choreographers, collaborate with guest professional dancers, and participate in a wide range of high caliber dance performances.

The Studio by EDE is our educational outreach facility in Kittitas County. We offer dance and movement classes for all ages – from Pre-K to Adult in all dance styles.

Come dance with us! 


Located in historic downtown Ellensburg, The Studio by EDE is a nonprofit dance studio that offers dance classes in ballet, hip hop, modern/contemporary, tap, acro/tumbling, and much more! 

Sign up at the link above and join in on Ellensburg dance classes. 



The nonprofit EDE dance company also creates and presents multiple performances each year including the largest performance of The Nutcracker in Central Washington. We work closely with Central Washington University and their dance and theatre programs, hire their students to teach classes, and hire them on choreography and artistic direction for our shows.

Heart & Hands


Ellensburg Dance Ensemble, formerly Central Washington Dance Ensemble, is the only non-profit dance company in the region and we operate The Studio as a non-profit as well. We gladly and gratefully accept donations and supplies, and we welcome volunteers to join our Board of Directors.

Our NonProfit Status...
and why it matters

  1. We have a Mission-Driven Focus: EDE is mission-driven rather than profit-driven. We can focus on providing access to dance education and performance opportunities to a broader community, including underserved or low-income populations, rather than prioritizing revenue.

  2. We are funded differently: Our nonprofit status allows EDE to apply for grants and receive donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. These funds can be used to subsidize tuition, provide scholarships, and support outreach programs. All donations are tax deductible.

  3. Community Engagement: EDE has a strong emphasis on community involvement. We offer community classes, free performances, and collaborations with local schools and organizations to promote the arts within the community. Our board members and staff are involved in other artistic endeavors within the community.

  4. Volunteer Support: EDE can attract volunteers who are passionate about the mission. Volunteers can provide administrative support, teaching assistance, and help with events, which can reduce operational costs.

  5. Educational Opportunities: EDE focuses on educational programs, offering workshops, masterclasses, and opportunities for students to learn from professional dancers and choreographers.

  6. Inclusive Environment: EDE fosters a more inclusive environment, prioritizing diversity and accessibility. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

In summary, being a nonprofit dance studio allows for a greater emphasis on accessibility, community engagement, and educational opportunities, driven by a mission to serve the community rather than generate profit.

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