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2023-2024 Dance Seaon

September - May  Dance Classes

Ready To Dance?
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" How Much Is Monthly Tuition? Is there a drop in option?"

 All our classes at The Studio are priced at $60 a month!

At this time, we only allow drop ins for our Adult classes. Our drop in rate is $15.

ALL classes have a $10 one time registration fee.

" Does The Studio do shows?"

Yes! At The Studio we put on an end of the season show in May. All classes will learn a dance for it in class! A costume fee is a separate charge for the end of year show. Your dancer also has the option to audition for our Holiday shows or Performing Group if they want to perform more!

"Can I stay and watch may dancers class?"

For those under 5, parents/guardians are welcome to stay, watch and wait  on our benches located in our lobby area. 


For those over 5, we do have designated watch days where parents and guests get to come in and watch! 

" I am ready to learn! How do I sign up?"

You can either:

1. Register through the portal (click on "parent portal" above) if you are an existing dance family .

2.Scroll down below and click the "Register" 

button if you are new!

3. Email us @ The Studio

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