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Our Story

Established as the most respected non-profit dance company in our region, the Ellensburg Dance Ensemble (EDE) plays a pivotal role in nurturing and enlivening the local arts scene.


For nearly two decades, we've been fortunate to collaborate with some of the finest artists and educators, delivering top-tier dance instruction and captivating performances to our community.

In 2021, we proudly unveiled the Studio by EDE, our educational outreach hub. Here, we offer a diverse range of dance and movement classes catering to individuals of all ages, from Pre-K to Adult learners, with a significant focus on students in the K-12 age group. With over 200 dance families currently dancing with us, we anticipate a substantial growth as we seek to expand into multiple studio spaces.

Our commitment extends beyond dance; we're dedicated to revitalizing downtown Ellensburg, forging meaningful connections within our community, and fostering a dynamic business environment. Through our passion for dance and community engagement, we continue to breathe life into our city, ensuring a vibrant and thriving future for all.

Meet Our Board

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