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Your Generosity Fuels Our Mission

At Ellensburg Dance Ensemble, our mission is to inspire and nurture the love of dance in our community. Every contribution we receive plays a crucial role in helping us achieve this goal. Ellensburg Dance Ensemble, and our educational outreach facility, The Studio by EDE, is the only nonprofit dance organization in Central Washington. Your support makes all the difference!


Here’s how your donation makes a difference:


  • Expanding Access to Dance Education: Your support allows us to offer scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to afford dance classes. By making dance accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, we are fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

  • Enhancing Our Programs: Donations help us develop and expand our range of dance programs. This includes introducing new dance styles, offering advanced workshops, and bringing in guest instructors to provide unique learning experiences for our students.

  • Improving Our Facilities: Contributions enable us to maintain and upgrade our dance studios. This ensures that our dancers have a safe and inspiring environment to learn and practice in, with the best possible equipment and resources.

  • Supporting Performances and Events: Your donation helps us organize and host performances, recitals, and community events. These events provide our dancers with valuable performance experience and offer the community a chance to enjoy and celebrate the art of dance.

  • Empowering Our Instructors: With your help, we can invest in the professional development of our instructors. This includes advanced training and certifications, ensuring that our students receive high-quality instruction from knowledgeable and passionate teachers.

  • Community Outreach: Your contribution supports our outreach programs, which bring dance into local schools, community centers, and senior living facilities. These initiatives help spread the joy of dance beyond our studio and into the broader community.


Your generosity directly impacts our ability to provide high-quality dance education and experiences. Together, we are building a vibrant, artistic community where the love of dance can thrive.


Thank you for believing in the Ellensburg Dance Ensemble and for your invaluable support!

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